ENDOCRINOLOGY / DIABETOLOGY- Best Endocrinologist in Balasore

Endocrinology is a branch of biology and medicine that deals with the endocrine system. In medical science, it is a specialty of medicine or in a branch that deals with hormonal diseases and their treatments. Human functions such as the coordination of metabolism, respiration, reproduction, sensory perception, and movement come under the branch of endocrinology.
Cure and cares is one of the leading multi-facility clinics in Balasore. For years Odisha has been deprived of quality healthcare facilities. Therefore we have decided to provide high-quality medical facilities to the people of Balasore at budget-friendly packages. Cure and cares have the best endocrinologist in Balasore who are highly talented and have years of experience in this field. We cater to those who suffer from various endocrine diseases. When the endocrine gland fails to produce enough hormones, the body suffers from hormone deficiency. However, when the endocrine gland becomes overactive it can lead to an excess level of certain hormones. These cases require special attention to the patient. Therefore we have a team of highly professional consultants and endocrinology specialists who take care of the treatment phase of the patient that begins from diagnosis of the disease. We have international standard medical equipment to diagnose hormone-related diseases that affect various glands like Adrenal Gland, Pancreas, Parathyroid Gland, Thyroid Gland, Pituitary Gland, Thymus Gland, Ovary, and Testicle, etc. These conditions are treated once we complete the diagnosis process. There are various advanced methods to treat these conditions that include Hormone Replacement Therapy’ and surgery.